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Online Counseling

Online counseling is an emerging option for obtaining counseling services that is accommodating to your needs and schedules. It is provided through the internet, via chat rooms, video conferencing and email. You also have the option to use the telephone. It is entirely up to you.

Online counseling has a number of benefits:


Today it can be challenging to leave work, families and other responsibilities to get to a counseling appointment. Online counseling eliminates the need to schedule travel time or babysitters and allows you to maximize your time. Due to it’s online nature, it can be done from anywhere; work, home, your car.

Appealing to Young Adults

The online option is also appealing for young adults. Often it can be challenging to meet a stranger to talk face to face. Speaking through an environment they understand may encourage them to agree to try.


The internet has allowed people to bring what they need into their own homes. Why not counseling? Physical limitations can prevent people from seeking counsel, as do mental health limitations. If this applies to you, you no longer have to miss out due to these limitations. Online services can be provided within the comforts of the your home.


You, as the client, can choose the medium you want to use. If you prefer a phone conversation, that is your choice. People also have the option to use email, chat and video conferencing options. The time can also be flexible, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate you and your needs.


No longer will you be faced with seeing or being seen in a therapist’s office. Through the online option, your remain anonymous to other clients.

Overall, online counseling is emerging as a new trend that is preferable in many ways to getting away from the limitations people face in order to obtain the support people are seeking.

No matter where you are, services are available at your fingertips.

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