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Co-parenting mediation: Parenting together after separation

What is Co-Parenting Mediation?

Divorcing couples with children find themselves in a different parenting role that often requires discussion. Co-parenting mediation is designed for these parents.

The purpose is to assist parents in parenting together after a separation or divorce.  A neutral third party sits with the parents and guides them through a variety of topics to be mutually decided upon. As well, parents learn how to communicate with each other in their revised parenting role.

What are the goals?

Creating Structure and Consistency

One of the goals is to create structure and consistency between the two households. While they may disagree, children do much better with routine.

It is something they can count on being the same when they are adjusting to two different homes. It can also give parents a sense of peace knowing that the children are following the same plan in both households.

Decision Making

Another goal is to make some decisions on things that may arise during your co-parenting arrangement while there is no conflict over it.

For instance, the parents may decide on a timeline and process for introducing their children to new partners or what to do if one of the parents takes a job in another city or province.

Based on experience, it is often easier to decide some tough issues before they arise and being proactive will save you in the long run.

Skill Building

Parents will learn new tools and communication techniques to assist them in their unique situation.

Some parents communicate well and others do not. It varies couple to couple.

If the parents prefer to have little contact, the mediation can suggest options for communicating that minimize the contact.

To improve communication for instance, something as simple as asking the other parent when they may have time to discuss something related to the children may improve things immeasurably.

Again, it is going through options and the parents choosing what works best for them and their family.

Separating from a spouse can be very stressful. Co-parenting mediation can alleviate some of that stress. It keeps the parents in the driver’s seat of their changed reality and provides them tools to use to reduce conflict now and in the future.

Most of all, children have a structure where they feel safe and secure, even if at times they don’t like the rules.

Do you have questions about co-parenting? Let us know in the comments, or schedule a confidential session with us.


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